Lilian Ellen Tween.
b. 1894 d. 1979

Aunt Lilly was married three times.
Firstly to John Albone on the 15th July 1915 at the Registry Office at West Ham in the County of Essex, this marriage has nothing to do with the family.

When she married Charles Hustings Robinson on the 8th February 1922 at the Registry Office of West Ham she became my Aunty and after his death she married my Father on the 9th September 1946 at Berkeley Road Methodist Church, Bishopston, Bristol to become my stepmother. Her maiden name was TWEEN and she came from a large family.

I lived at home for a year or two after my father and Aunty Lily had married. They obviously enjoyed each others company and spent a lot of time together. I was very well looked after. Aunty Lily was a very good cook with a very pleasant personality and very placid. I don't think I ever heard her raise her voice or show any anger.

They came with me to London when I left home to go to New Zealand in 1954 and I visited them when I returned home on several trips.
They always made me welcome but latterly Aunty Lily developed Alzheimer's.
My father looked after her until she died I think about 1979.
All the family held her in high regard.

She was of slight build, tall and dressed fashionably for that time.

This article was written by Robert Porter (Feb 2000).

Robert Porter b.1921 d.2024