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Historical family photos & other stuff.

The original Ventris tree was made by Charles Porter........... Ruth Price (Nee Gardner) continued the research after Charles died and this website is my contribution to the project. My research has mainly been limited to the Watt, Porter, Buckley & Cashman families.

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A small selection of historical photos.

Family Trees.

A small selection of my family tree.


Family history. Stories written by family.

Key Dates.

This is a Google Calendar displaying an overview of Births, Marriages & Deaths. Please help me keep it up to date if you find anything missing

My family tree is hosted by If you create a guest login and contact me I will consider sharing it with you. This is not an advert or recommendation.

Family News

This is a family news blog. I will try to keep it updated, but I have decided that I will not be porting all the old news links back from the old website.

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